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So I was on my fav band's website and I was reading their journal. I'm soo excited for their new cd that comes out July 27th.. after hearing bonus mosh pt II i was soo happy cuz I love i can only imagine how the other songs are gonna be..Im gonna buy it the day it comes out!! A few more months left!!!!

Taking Back Sunday's Journal

So as I type this I'm not sure I believe it but in one hour we take the stage in Boise Idaho to open for Blink-182 and Cypress Hill. We also just received the mastered copy of our new record and all 5 of us listened to it together and we can't wait until YOU hear it. You have no idea.... Needless to say its been a big day. I'm too pre-occupied to write anything else but yes, we're back on tour from now til forever so keep you eyes on the journal.... Until next time...
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